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The Homeowner had old composite decking and wanted it replaced due to mold/mildew issues. They were hesitant to use Trex product, but we explained how the product had evolved since the installation of his old composite decking. Needless to say they now have a beautiful new Trex deck with Trex handrail.


  • Not every home needs a retaining wall, but for those that do, a trusted builder is key. When these structures are installed correctly, they’ll help protect your home and landscaping for years to come. That’s why these builds have to be done right. What is a Retaining Wall? Some yards have sloped areas that need […]

  • Building a custom deck takes careful precision, and there are a handful of features that come into play. Mostly, it has to be a collaborative process with the homeowner and the local deck builder. Being responsive to the specific design needs (and logistics) will help make the process a success for all parties. 5 Steps […]

  • Your front porch is one of the first impressions that guests have of your home. And in the winter, making sure that it’s welcoming is even more important. We have so many friends and relatives coming to visit that you’ll really want this area to really shine. Designing a Stunning Front Porch We talk a […]

  • Homeowners make a long-term commitment when they go with composite decking. The good news is there’s little to no maintenance because these materials don’t require any sanding, staining, or sealant that treated decks require. But this also means you won’t be able to change the color of your deck over the years. What you see […]

  • Investing in a new custom deck comes with many decisions, but choosing your deck builder tends to come first. You might be persuaded to use a company referred to you by a friend. Or, you may decide to interview a series of deck builders before making your final call. Whatever route you go, keep a […]

  • The first question for your new custom deck often relates to the materials. It can be tough to make a call between treated wood and composite deck boards, but when you add cedar decking to the mix, you have even more factors to consider. In order to make the right decision, you need to review […]

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